CONSIDERATE® PRECIOUS METALS The 2023 Pallion Sustainability Report is now available online

ABC REFINERY The refinery division of Pallion has beenappointed to the LBMA Good Delivery listfor gold and silver.

ABC REFINERY The Refinery division of Pallion has beenaccredited by The Commodity Exchange, Inc. (COMEX)

ABC REFINERY The refinery division of Pallion has beenaccredited by the Shanghai Gold Exchange

ABC REFINERY The largest and most technologically advanced silver refinery in the southern hemisphere


ABC Refinery has been involved in the refining and processing of precious metals in Australia since 1978 and is the exclusive producer of ABC Bullion product which has become one of the cornerstones of the Australian physical gold trading system.

Since then, ABC Refinery has developed into Australia’s most technologically advanced precious metal refining, assaying and minting facility featuring state of the art equipment and security.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Pallion, ABC Refinery plays a fundamental role in its fully vertically integrated model of precious metal services. ABC Refinery is the only independent LBMA accredited gold & silver refinery in Australia.

ABC Refinery. Refining the gold standard.