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Full Service

ABC Refinery manufactures an extensive range of finished and semi-finished products including cast bars, minted tablets and coins, minted blank tablets and coins as well as pure precious metal granules.

Gold cast bar alongside of an ABC Bullion business card

Cast Bars

ABC Refinery is Australia’s premier investment grade cast bar producer. Certification and packaging guarantees purity, weight and assayed precious metal content of every ingot leaving ABC Refinery. ABC Refinery is the sole global producer of the ABC Bullion range of investment grade GST exempt cast serialised bars.

Silver and Gold Eureka coins and bars

Minted tablets & coins

ABC Refinery operates Australasia’s largest private minting facility and is the sole producer of the ABC Bullion minted precious metal range including the ABC Bullion Eureka™. Servicing the custom public and private sectors, our minted ingot, coin and medal production benefits from vertically integrated efficiencies, including in-house concept and design, die-stamping, blank manufacturing, etching, finishing and tamper proof ABCeal™ packaging. 

Testament to its quality and capacity, ABC Refinery is the preferred supplier of coin and tablet blanks for The Royal Australian Mint and is also the supplier of gold sheet used for the production of the Melbourne Cup.

Team member organises a range of semi-finished products

Semi-finished products

ABC Refinery provides a range of semi-finished products to public and private sector clients. Our coin and tablet blanks are synonymous with quality and used by leading mints around the globe. We offer in-house blanking set-up and tooling for clients and volume production of coin and tablet blanks. The ABC Refinery laboratory provides a diagnostic report on each batch of semi-finished product including grain structure, metal hardness and microscopic metal analysis.

Gold granules on a surface


ABC Refinery produces precious metal granules for the jewellery and industrial manufacturing sectors. All ABC Refinery granules are supplied in sealed containers and accompanied by assay certificates issued by the ABC Refinery laboratory.