Receipt & Sampling

Three alloy bars stacked and waiting to be tested


Upon receipt of the shipment at its premises, ABC Refinery inspects received packaging for damage as evidence of tampering. It also records the number of parcels received, their total weight and other contingent non-conformities. After unpacking, the incoming material is weighed again, electronically photographed, given a description and formally entered on the proprietary ABC Refinery ERP system.

Controlled melting process of assorted Gold pieces

Melting & Homogenisation

ABC Refinery conducts a controlled melting process that minimises melt loss to maximise return. The received material is then homogenised utilising the latest in international homogenisation methods.

Process of duel blind homogeneous sampling of the melted alloys


ABC Refinery produces dual blind homogenous samples of all melted input to ensure precise quantification of the precious metal content at the time of assay. Specimen samples are retained by ABC Refinery for 3 months post financial out-turn and recorded on the proprietary ABC Refinery ERP system for ultimate assurance.