ABC Refinery has been involved in the refining & processing of precious metals in Australia since 1978.  It is the refining division of Pallion, Australia’s largest independent precious metal services group of companies.  Today, ABC Refinery is Australia’s largest independent precious metal refiner, assayer and mint servicing both the public and private sectors.

Felix Parry opens Palloys, Australia’s first casting house.

Palloys enters into a manufacturing agreement with Matthey Garrett. Palloys opens Hong Kong’s first casting house and enters into an exclusive electroplating chemical distribution agreement with Wieland GMBH.

ABC Bullion and ABC Refinery commence operation.
Goldenage International commences operation in 
Hong Kong (SAR) and China.

PJW assays the Hand of Faith Nugget. Palloys casts mounts for the Queen Elizabeth II Bicentennial Coach.

AGS commences operation as a producer of fabricated metals and wedding rings in joint venture with Bullion Mark (subsequently AGR Matthey). PJW supplies gold lettering for the Australian Commonwealth War Memorial. A&E Metals commences operations.

Palloys supplies the crown for the Black Madonna icon presented to Pope John Paul II. AGS and PJW merge to become AGS|PJW. Regentco commences operation as an Australian findings supplier. Palloys, AGS|PJW, Regentco and Goldenage International form Palloys Group.


Palloys casts mounts for the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Coach. Custodian Vaults commences operation. ABC Refinery laboratories issued NATA and ISO accreditation. Palloys Group, ABC Bullion, ABC Refinery and Custodian Vaults merge to form Pallion. ABC Bullion launches its signature minted bullion range, The Eureka. ABC Bullion becomes the official manufacturer of the Lexus Melbourne Cup. ABC Refinery is admitted to the LBMA Good Delivery list for gold and receives SGE accreditation.


ABC Refinery is awarded CME accreditation in the USA adding ABC Refinery to the COMEX good delivery list of brands used to physically settle against the GC gold futures contract in New York. ABC Refinery is admitted to the LBMA Good Delivery list for silver.