Finance & Storage

Taking phone calls at the 24 hour trading desk


ABC Refinery provides a full suite of financial solutions for physical precious metals. We offer significant financial advantages in the form of price lock-ins for all major refining out-turns and forward bullion orders. We partner with our clients in managing their cashflow by offering immediate refining advances on receipt of material – even at mine gate and regardless of batch size. And, our 24 hour trading desks in Australia and Hong Kong (SAR) are fully equipped to service our local and international clientele in any market, 365 days per year.

Large storage vault with handle


ABC Refinery provides superior storage solutions for incoming client metal at its facilities including full insurances. All client metal is quarantined from general stock and recorded on the proprietary ABC Refinery ERP system. Physical inspections can be arranged as well as independent stock audits. Storing your metal with ABC Refinery has the added advantage of enabling physical delivery worldwide at your request and our trading desks located in Australia and Hong Kong (SAR) allow us to convert your metal to cash in financial markets globally on receipt of an authorised client instruction.

Custodian Vaults

ABC Refinery also offers independent bullion storage facilities for longer term storage of your precious metals at Custodian Vaults, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pallion. Custodian Vaults is Australia’s premier secure vaulting facility, located in the Central Business District of Sydney, New South Wales Australia. It is a purpose-built facility featuring cutting-edge technology, on-site security and monitoring. Stock confirmation and audit reporting can also be provided on request.