Inside view of ABC Refinery


ABC Refinery is the only independent LBMA accredited gold & silver refinery in Australia and reaffirms the position of the ABC Bullion brand as a cornerstone of the Australasian physical gold trading system.

Depending on input, ABC Refinery employs proprietary aqua regia, electrolytic and chlorination refining methodologies. As a full service precious metal refinery, ABC Refinery has significant capacity to refine the following metals to:

  • Gold (AU) 999.9+
  • Silver (AG) 999.9+
  • Platinum (PT) 999.5+
  • Palladium (PD) 999.5+
Melting multiple inputs into one smooth alloy


ABC Refinery accepts the full range of high, medium and low grade inputs including:

  • Mined Dore Bars
  • Bars and Ingots
  • Coinage
  • Manufacturing Scrap and by-products
  • Jewellery Scrap & Lemel
Team member holding two large gold bars for sorting

Production Cycle

Detailed below is a simplified overview of the production cycle and financial settlement processes related to the refining of precious metals by ABC Refinery.  

Simplified chart view of the production cycle

Refining Terms