Reach & Security

Map showing ABC refinery's geographical reach from Australia to Asia

Geographical Reach

ABC Refinery is an Australian business that understands that its clients think globally but act locally.  It offers unparalleled geographical reach within Asia and significant logistical delivery advantages through its network of offices in Australia (Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney), Hong Kong (SAR) & mainland China.

Security personnel in ABC Refinery

Physical Security

ABC Refinery facilities employ the most technologically advanced surveillance & alarm activation systems available and works closely with leading secure transport organisations to ensure secure transfers of metal to the refining facility.  With 24 hour physical and real time CCTV monitoring, all metal transfers to and from our plant are subject to the highest levels of security control.  Our security systems are subjected to stress testing by independent security consultants to ensure that they adhere to international best practice including emergency services involvement and training for all staff, including emergency simulation testing.  Of course, all ABC Refinery facilities are supported by the full suite of insurance policies underwritten by Lloyds of London.

Financial Security

ABC Refinery is wholly owned subsidiary of Pallion, a top 20 Australian private company and as such ABC Refinery is subject to annual independent financial audit.  Accordingly, our clients get the financial comfort offered by a large corporate coupled with the flexibility and confidentiality advantages of dealing with a privately owned enterprise.