ABC Refinery - Australia's Largest Silver Refiner

ABC Refinery operates the largest silver refinery in the southern hemisphere, refining over 70% of Australia’s annual silver production in the heart of Sydney.


ABC Refinery Chief Commercial Officer, David Woodford, said that demand for ABC Refinery refining services has evidenced a sustained increase over the last 3 years as a result of significant proprietary technological and environmental improvements made to traditional refining methodologies utilised by its competitors.


Mr Woodford notes “As a result of these improvements, ABC Refinery offers the world’s most efficient and environmentally responsible silver refining service.  ABC Refinery’s technological superiority coupled with its commitment to partnering with its primary producer client base has seen it emerge as the region’s largest silver refiner with a secure supply of the majority of Australian mined dore silver.”


ABC Refinery is the refining division of Pallion, the largest independent precious metal services group in the region.  ABC Refinery is the exclusive manufacturer of ABC Bullion gold and silver bullion products, and the only supplier of precious metals to Pallion jewellery division subsidiary Palloys.  


Mr Woodford added, “ABC Refinery has invested significantly in plant and equipment to process the huge increase in demand for its refining services.  As a result, all ABC Bullion distribution centres are ensured a continued stock of fresh silver bullion bars for wholesale and retail consumption”.

ABC Refinery - Silver Refinery