The World’s First Fully Automated Tunnel Barring Machine in Operation at ABC Refinery

29 April 2019

ABC Refinery is now the proud operator of the world's first fully automated tunnel barring machine. The new equipment will be transforming raw material to ingots in a shorter period of time than traditional methods, increasing the already high-quality standards that ABC Refinery operates and capacity of metal that can now be processed in the plants.



The T-Line™ is a modular, fully automated production system consisting of the units required for the processing cycle of a given product. It is characterized by a high degree of flexibility and customization. Initially designed for the continuous production of ingots out of refined precious metals, it can be adapted to many other types of applications, according to the customer requirements.



Hand production often turns out to be slow and costly. Only with the automation of any given operation can one offer a consistently top quality product with greatly reduced outlay. The manual labour previously needed to run the newly automated machinery can now be re-directed to skilled labour activities. Automation is a way to increase productivity and to eliminate routine jobs placing employees in higher value jobs.

To see the world's first fully automated barring machine in action, view the video below.