The Pod of Gold: Will gold crack US$2,500?

In this episode Nicholas Frappell puts forward to very bullish long term price targets, he covers why one economist warns rates may not go in the direction people are hoping for and perhaps we have reached peak China doom.

Join us as we delve into these topics and more, offering insights and analysis on gold's macro position and what the future may hold.


  • 01:43 – The market machine versus the Fed
  • 03:25 – We still have a positive dollar environment
  • 06:05 – Short term gold price targets
  • 08:55 – Managed money positioning
  • 11:10 – Option strikes for gold remain magnetic
  • 12:30 – Could gold move to US$2,500 per ounce?
  • 17:59 – Australian rate decisions ‘the canary in the coal mine’
  • 21:27 – Chinese market intervention blunts market price discovery