The Pod of Gold: ‘When the Fed is in a tightening cycle, we all are’

In this episode of The Pod of Gold,

Nick Frappell & Shae Russell discuss what fast money and slow money suggest about sentiment in gold, how 'when the Fed is in a tightening cycle, we all are' and the dollar positive environment which could provide a headwind for gold. 

Nick Frappell
Global General Manager

Shae Russell
Group Communications Manager

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‘When the Fed is in a tightening cycle, we all are’

Time Stamps:

  • 1.20 – Gold breaks through the weekly cloud top signalling a swing to the medium term bullish 
  • 3.40 – Managed money not revealing much 
  • 6.10 – Silver shorts look to be on the defensive 
  • 8.45 – Central banking policy divergence - Fed leads pivot toward tightening 
  • 13.20 – Tightening will create a dollar positive environment and may put pressure on gold 
  • 16.45 – Gold price going into the close on 11th February 
  • 18.30 – What is ‘fast money’ and ‘slow money’ telling us about gold? 
  • 21.20 – Palladium market perhaps not concerned about outcomes of Russia-Ukraine or sanctions 
  • 24.10 – Rumours of a whale in the gold market 
  • 28.30 – Key takeaways from today 
  • Book Nick mentions: Bloodlands: Europe between Hitler and Stalin by Timothy Snyder 

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