How the Fed may choke growth...

In this episode of The Pod of Gold,

Nick Frappell & Shae Russell discuss the gold’s price moves, managed money’s short covering in silver, how the yield curve is signalling slower growth and just how aggressive the Fed rate hikes may be.

Finally, we touch on what a very long-term Point & Figure chart is telling us about the Aussie dollar. 

Nick Frappell
Global General Manager

Shae Russell
Group Communications Manager

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Time Stamps:

  • 01.10 – Physical gold in high demand this week
  • 02.20 – Gold price moves within the support and resistance of the Ichimoku Cloud  
  • 04.45 – Managed money and open interest positioning in gold 
  • 06.15 – Silver buying January looks to be short covering  
  • 07.50 – How aggressive with will the Fed rate hikes be?  
  • 11.30 – The flattening of the yield curve suggests slower US growth 
  • 13.30 – Gold ETFs signal a pivot away from risk on assets 
  • 16.15 – Very long term Point & Figure chart is bearish for the Aussie dollar 
  • 23.15 – Key takeaways   

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