The Pod of Gold: Gold versus a hawkish Fed and a strong US dollar

In this episode of The Pod of Gold, Nick Frappell & Shae Russell discuss how gold’s plunge has settled with spot gold’s consolidation looking supportive.

Plus, as the Fed drops ‘transitory’ from its language, the hawkish tone from the central bank sets up a strong US dollar.

Time Stamps:

  • 1.15 — Managed money gold flows – longs have reduced but not really replaced by shorts
  • 3.10 — Gold holds key Fibonacci level and looks to be consolidating
  • 4.35 — Momentum in silver fades, but it’s not time to get bearish
  • 6.32 — Federal Reserve Bank sets a hawkish tone
  • 7.02 — Risk on pivots to risk off
  • 9.50 — Inflation is currently a US phenomenon
  • 11.21 — Gold looks undervalued under US$1,800
  • 12.30 — Room to taper: Why buy mortgage backed securities in a red hot market?
  • 15.15 — Will we have a strong US dollar into 2022?
  • 16.40 — Key insights from today’s podcast