A period of indecision as gold readies to pivot

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In this episode of The Pod of Gold, Nick Frappell & Shae Russell discuss gold’s lively start to 2022 and how a strong tightening cycle may drive people away from risk assets to risk-off assets.

We assess the recent comments from the Fed and what several rate increases will mean for US dollar denominated debt.

Plus, we touch on China’s relentless pursuit of zero covid to protect their export economy. 

Nick Frappell
Global General Manager

Shae Russell
Group Communications Manager

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Time Stamps:

  • 0.59 — Fresh longs coming into gold suggest strong interest  
  • 3.45 — Higher rates may impact risk assets more than gold  
  • 5.15 — Silver ready to run? Managed money positioning looks supportive  
  • 7.41 — Movement in gold and silver ETFs 
  • 9.06 — The impact of US bond yields and geopolitical tensions on gold 
  • 10.33 — Did Powell’s comments drive gold higher? 
  • 13.15 — Rate hikes from Fed may impact US dollar denominated debt  
  • 14.40 — Quantitative tightening - the market is prepared for this 
  • 18.00 — China’s untenable pursuit of Covid zero to protect their export economy   
  • 21.270 — Nat gas prices have fallen as EU shipping ports are full  
  • 22.00 — Key takeaways from today: Understanding the macro and the micro 

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