The Mathematical Case for Gold

Precious Metals Commentary (week ending 6th December 2019)

Another range bound week. Despite US gold trading higher to $1,475 and silver flat at under $17, a rise in the AUD on a RBA rate hold saw local prices finishing much the same at $2,163 and $24.95 respectively.

This week, we consider:

  • Benevolent central bankers suffering from GIGO
  • Technocrats deflating our inflation rates
  • Causes of declining standards of living
  • “Biggest backflip now that I’m no longer working for The Man” award
  • Outrageous prediction of an Asian Drawing Right backed by gold
  • How mathematical financial disaster probabilities justify holding gold

Read the full report by ABC Bullion's John Feeney and Bron Suchecki here.

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