Instability risks in China grow as gold sniffs out support

In this episode of The Pod of Gold,

Nick Frappell & Shae Russell discuss the muted moves in spot gold and how support for the yellow metal is inching higher. Nick takes a deeper look at the dollar cost of China’s relentless pursuit of Covid zero, and what the rumblings in the Middle Kingdom’s property sector may mean for the Australian dollar.


Nick Frappell

Global General Manager

Shae Russell


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Time Stamps:

  • 1:00 – Fourth consecutive week of managed money easing positions in gold
  • 2:00 – Gold touched and rejected US$1,890 on a weekly basis
  • 6:16 – Silver is testing support, needs to hold above US$24.20 in the short term
  • 8:35 – The economic and social risks of China’s pursuit of Covid zero
  • 14:02 – The parallels between the Chinese and Australian property sector
  • 16:01 – Aussie dollar: short term bull, medium term bear
  • 19:10 – Key takeaways
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