How does the Russian-Ukraine conflict impact the Fed tightening cycle?

In this episode of The Pod of Gold,

Nick Frappell & Shae Russell discuss how the Russian-Ukraine conflict may lead to a less aggressive Fed tightening cycle for 2022, silver’s recent short covering and what Russia’s invasion means for gold in the weeks ahead.

Nick Frappell
Global General Manager

Shae Russell
Group Communications Manager

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Time Stamps:

  • 1.00 – Gold volatility and managed money positioning
  • 4.00 - ‘War drives up the price of gold but the news flow can drive it up and down tremendously’
  • 5.30 – How gold is behaving compared to other currency pairs
  • 6.49 – Silver short covering
  • 10.04 - Ichimoku Cloud for gold and silver: Technical picture for gold exceeds silver at present
  • 12.00 – Fed lift-off likely, but not as aggressive as first thought
  • 13.45 – Fed aware of downstream impacts of Russia-Ukraine conflict
  • 15.00 – Western response has been swift and more hostile than Russia expected
  • 18.25 – Russia may lose access to some of their foreign reserves
  • 22.35 – How gold performs during times of conflict
  • 25.34 – Key takeaways from today

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