ABC Refinery Utilises Acidless Separation Technology

ABC Refinery Revolutionises the Refining Process with Acidless Separation

As part of the Pallion Group, ABC Refinery’s continued effort to maintain industry leadership in environmental sustainability has led to the implementation of a systematic approach in controlling waste and environmental impact. ABC Refinery is at the forefront of sustainable and environmentally sensitive precious metal production and has maintained this claim by investing in innovative technology such as Acidless Separation (ALS).

ABC Refinery is the only refinery in Australia and one of the first globally to implement ALS refining technology. Revolutionising the refining process, ABC Refinery has implemented ALS technology in their pre-refining process in order to remove silver and light elements from Au/Ag/Cu alloys using vacuum distillation technology. With these new approaches, ABC Refinery is implementing disruptive change in the production process of the precious metals industry.

ABC Refinery boasts a range of benefits from the implementation of the new gold and silver parting technology. ALS technology ensures ABC Refinery engages with true green technology as there is no use of chemicals, no fumes and no smoke. Not limited to environmental benefits, ALS allows for ABC Refinery to engage in faster processes and greater security and safety. Conventional separation processes incur high investments and operational costs in ecology, long processing time, and restrictions in chemical composition.

Bypassing the issues faced by conventional processes, ABC Refinery has generated greater performance capabilities as ALS ensures no precious metal losses and no need for precious metals lock-up. ABC Refinery also benefits from the smaller size of machinery and processes as no adding requirements ensures a lower quantity of metal flowing downstream. In contrast with conventional electrolytic processes, ALS has proven to reduce operative costs per Kg of treated material by up to 40% with special appreciation of the speed and cleanliness of the process.

The process of ALS technology is simple. Doré bars are inserted into ALS machinery which then separates the most volatile elements through evaporation and deposition on a water-cooled condensing system. The whole process is completed in 60 minutes and produces separate bodies of gold and silver.

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