ABC Refinery Now Using Acidless Separation

ABC Refinery Acidless Separation Technology
ABC Refinery now uses acidless separation (ALS) for gold refining. ALS is the most technologically advanced, environmentally-sound, non-toxic separation process for gold that exists today.
In the words of Managing Director, Phil Cochineas, “Producing gold, the world’s most coveted asset, has always been both a time intensive and chemical intensive process. Most refiners have used chlorine gas, the Miller process, for over a century. We’re quite proud to be the first and only Australian refinery to use ALS. At ABC, we’re committed to improving our operations to provide maximum efficiency and limited environmental impact. ALS is a great leap forward for us and the industry as a whole.”
The Future of Refining is Finally Here
Acidless separation relies on vacuum pumps and chambers to separate gold from other metal achieving 99.5% pure gold with zero chemical emissions and making processing safer for both employees and the environment.
ABC Refinery has also recently made significant investments in an automated barring machine to further streamline operations and improve workplace safety. These investments are wholly in-line with our ongoing implementation of innovative technologies and with our dedication to making Pallion Group companies a better place to work.
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