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    Australia's Pre-eminent Gold Podcast

    Hosts Nick Frappell and Shae Russell interview members of the ABC Refinery team and industry professionals to better understand today’s investing landscape for precious metals.

    ABC Refinery is Australasia’s pre-eminent independent precious metal assayer, refiner and mint. ABC Refinery is the refining division of Pallion, Australasia’s largest independent precious metal services group of companies.

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    Episode 02 Show Notes: Inflection point: The emerging divergence in central bank polices  

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    • 0.40 – Technical summary of gold’s current positioning 
    • 3.23 – Key price barrier ahead for gold  
    • 5.21  Silver recent rally 
    • 11.58 — The global central bank rate divergence   
    • 17.51 — Australian bonds rally challenges RBA’s no rate increase until 2024 
    • 23.14 — Impacts on Australian currency if rates rise sooner than expected 
    • 25.57 — Conclusion   

    Nick Frappell and Shae Russell discuss gold’s continued point of resistance and the critical price barrier it must cross through first. Managed Money tells us there’s indecision around the silver price. 

    Nick explains how global central banks policies are diverging and wrap with how the recent Australian bond price rally questions whether the Reserve Bank of Australia can wait until 2024 for a rate increase.  

    Episode 01 Show Notes: Precious metals and the crisis simulation you’ve never heard of

    Nick Frappell and Shae Russell discuss the technical pressures facing both gold and silver, as well as key prices levels ahead.

    In the second half of today’s podcast, Nick looks explains how a key equity earnings index may be waving a red flag, what a crisis simulation from 2013 can reveal about the US debt ceiling problems, and the paths of propagation from Evergrande begin.

    0:52 – Silver is under pressure
    6:06 – Gold will struggle at 1790s
    10:30 – Global earnings indicator potential red flag
    12:24 – What happens if there’s no binding debt ceiling? A crisis simulation from 2013.
    23:58 – The second Chinese real estate developer defaults
    26:48 – Conclusion

    The Pod of Gold Hosts

    Nick Frappell

    Global General Manager 

    Nick has extensive precious metals experience, having traded and developed precious metals and platinum group metals pricing in spot, forward, futures, EFP and gold interest-rate swaps for major smelters, producers, hedge funds and banks around the world. Nick is the Global General Manager of ABC Bullion, and in spite of his numerous qualifications economics, statistics and technical analysis he is a lot of fun at parties.  

    Shae Russell

    Shae Russell, Group Communications Manager –

    Shae began in the financial markets 15 years ago, starting out as a derivatives consultant. For more than a decade, she worked as an analyst and editor on some of Australia’s most popular and widely-read financial investment newsletters, specialising in precious metals and mining equities. Recently Shae moved to Pallion for two reasons: she’s passionate about precious metal markets and she really likes shiny things.